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Latest Activities

Celigans giving back

Celigo Taking a Stand has also recently developed working partnerships with both Code Black Indy and Gleaners Food Bank. Celigans (Nyki Boone, Kyle Bartos, and Phil Havlik) participated in a drive-thru food pantry for Gleaners Food Bank this past July. Celigo TAS also gladly made financial contributions to both Gleaners Food Bank and Code Black Indy. We are incredibly excited to host a career panel for Code Black Indy this fall!

Pictured Celigans: Nyki Boone, Kyle Bartos, and Phil Havlik

Following the commitment to educate Celigans, Celigo TAS has hosted a number of roundtable discussions featuring topics such as Juneteenth and Critical Race Theory. There have also been email campaigns that have featured important months like Pride Month.

Upcoming events include a roundtable discussion regarding Affirmative action and a company-wide food drive in partnership with Gleaners Food Bank!


Careers in Tech

Celigo Taking A Stand has had a very active quarter both within our Celigo community and beyond.

For our Organization Support, we have continued our partnership with both Hack the Hood by participating in a technology-based career panel. Celigo TAS also continued our partnership with SMASH by participating in a career panel as well as a tech innovation competition.

Featured here is Celigan Peggy Harris representing Celigo on Hack The Hood’s Career Exposure Panel.

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