A modern iPaaS for integrating the modern business

What is


Integrate anything

Unrivaled intelligence for integrating RESTful APIs, CSV files, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Data loader

A data loader that works across all of your cloud based applications.


The only iPaaS supporting a marketplace of prebuilt, fully managed integrations.


An ecosystem for system integrators, developers, and users to collaborate, monitor, and share custom integrations.

A powerful platform for integrating anything with anything

Intuitive dashboarding functionality

Truly innovative data mapping UI

Technology and application adaptors

Integrations that run at scale with lower costs

Support for real-time and scheduled data flows

Wizard driven design interfaces

Intelligent import engine with retry capabilities

Rich customization capabilities


(low data volume)
(billed annually)
(moderate data volume)
(billed annually)
(high data volume)
(billed annually)
(heavy data volume)
via request only
Features Included in all editions

Unlimited Connections


Unlimited Data Flows


Unlimited Environments


Unlimited Users


Connection Sharing


Wizard driven Integration Builder


Real-time and Batch Capabilities


Dashboard + Alerts


Access to All Adaptors


Standard Support

yes is more than an iPaaS

It’s the engine that powers SmartConnectors

Celigo has pioneered the concept of SmartConnectors — enterprise-grade prebuilt integrations between well-known applications. These Connectors are powered by the platform so that you get the convenience of a turnkey solution with the flexibility of an iPaaS to customize existing use cases or build new ones.

Loved by customers

First and foremost, the Integrator surpassed all of our NetSuite integration needs. In a very short time we were able to launch two relatively large integrations, one of which was with a very large logistics company. All in all, we were amazed at just how simple and intuitive the tool was to use. In fact, we didn’t read any product guides, nor did we go through any lengthy training sessions; we were able to just get started. Looking forward, this product actually allows us to use NetSuite in an incredible way. More than just an ERP system now, NetSuite is both our hub and transport layer for our core business data. Very happy customer! Strongly recommend this product.

Damen Seminero, CTO,
Jonathan Adler

The Integrator saves one person 4 days a month in manual uploading. It’s done what we wanted and more. If you have implemented NetSuite and you have integration requirements, then the Integrator should also be purchased. This solution is a time saver and easy to setup. If you known your way around a NetSuite screen then you can setup up the Integrator – it’s that straight forward. No coding, no IT department required. Strongly recommend it.

David Neme, Business Project Manager,
Grill’d Pty Ltd