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New features and enhancements to explore

We’ve added a lot of cool new functionality for you to make building & troubleshooting flows even easier, from testing the format & configuration of export data to a universal OAuth 2.0 service to an awesome Developer playground for you to test your creations!

Here’s some other techie stuff for you:

  • Write your own script instead of relying on building expressions
  • Cool enhancements for hooks

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Export preview pane

When building custom integrations, you can now see the requests you’re sending and the responses returned from app servers, directly from the configuration screens of your source apps.

This helps you see how your request is constructed in, and preview the communication with the app server before committing to running the full flow.

Click Preview to send the configured request to the server. If successful, sample records will be viewable in the preview pane. If not, the error response is shown instead for quick troubleshooting.

For the beta, this is available for our universal HTTP and REST connectors, as well as our database connectors: MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, & DynamoDB.

JavaScript support for filters and transforms

Our filter and transformation editors have been enhanced with JavaScript support, which means you can now write scripts to filter and transform data.

JavaScript provides a more versatile method to achieve optimal filtering and transformations, and is perfect for use cases where the manual UI might fall short, or if you simply prefer writing scripts instead of manually applying these configurations.

New and enhanced hooks

We’ve enhanced our preSavePage hook to add new variables, including pageIndex, lastExportDateTime, and currentExportDateTime. PageIndex tells you what page is being processed while last/currentExportDateTime can exclude records based on date. We’ve also added an Abort boolean to stop a batch export that is currently running.

We’ve also added a postResponseMap hook after mappings so you can process records again. This enables you to do cool things like get just the fields you want from your response and put them into simple fields in your source record, merge specific fields or filter specific entries from a lookup, even calculate all of the values that span the records returned by a lookup and place them into one field in your record.

Universal OAuth 2.0

We now provide a universal OAuth 2.0 service in to enable you to integrate with any application that requires OAuth 2.0, even those that we don’t currently have a connector for.

To use the service, create a universal connection (e.g. HTTP) and select OAuth 2.0 as the authentication type. We currently support ‘Authorization Code’ and ‘Client Credentials’ grant types.

Purge NetSuite files after export

For NetSuite blob exports, you can now purge files after export to delete each exported file from your NetSuite File Cabinet.

Enhanced HTTP connections

For HTTP connections, we now have support for urlencoded media type and configuring cookie details.

Extended MongoDB and OAuth 2.0

Our MongoDB connector can now connect to both Atlas and mlab, and we’ve added OAuth 2.0 support for Square & Slack connectors.

Sample data engine overhaul

We’ve rebuilt our sample data engine from the ground up, including fetching, handling, serving up and caching data to reduce UI latency.

Developer playground

Check out a sneak peek of our Developer playground (currently in alpha – we’ll be adding more cool things soon). You can troubleshoot and test your configurations with real sample data before configuring your flows. Configure and test filters, transformations, URL templates, HTTP request bodies, parsing data, scripting, merging objects, editing JSON and more.

Collaborative design – we need you!

We need everyone to create a great user experience! We’ve worked closely with customers, partners, and employees to streamline and enhance functionality.

We’re always looking for more insights from you! If you’re interested in being part of our collaborative design program, just ping us!

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