Our new look

Our new look2020-02-12T18:56:28+00:00

Welcome to a more connected, holistic experience

Here are some of the many improvements we’ve made:

  • Navigate or search to get just where you need to quickly and easily.
  • Flow creation is even easier & more powerful with our improvements to integrations, Flow Builder & editors.
  • We keep you in the zone with drawers instead of modals & ensure you have the information you need, when you need it.
  • Export preview pane: Test requests and view responses to ensure you’ve got things perfect before you run your flow.
  • A lot more – scroll down to check it out!

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Navigate with ease

Our new sidebar, top bar, and breadcrumb trail ensure you can get anywhere you want to go quickly, so you can concentrate on creating flows. We’ve simplifed the account switcher and added a toggle from production to sandbox, and even added a sandbox theme so you always know right where you are.

Monitor flow and job status all in one place

See when your flows last ran as well as the current status, then switch over to the Dashboard to check on any errors. We’ve added even more information to errors to give you the information to track down and resolve them quickly and keep your data flowing smoothly.

Configure, test, and manage flows

Configure Flow Builder to be as simple or complex as your integration needs are. Click the + button on your source and destination apps to view all available features, then customize only what you need.

Streamlined flow building for IT & business users

We’ve streamlined the design of app bubbles with updated icons and enhanced clickability. Click only the icons you need & hide what you don’t!

You now have feature parity from the Integration details page (formerly Integration settings) to Flow Builder.

Clone, download, and delete flows, as well as run, schedule, and enable email notifications directly from the toolbar. All while staying in the zone!

Navigation drawers keep you in the zone

Drawers now slide out enabling you to configure quickly and easily.

Find and install integration apps & templates from our marketplace

We’ve likely got an app for that! If you see something we don’t have, let us know! We’ve enhanced the template detail pages and installs for both integration apps and templates

Seamlessly install integration apps and templates

Robust code & transform editors

We’ve taken the best of the code editors you love, with intellisense prompting, intuitive inline error messages, searching, and code folding that make creation and troubleshooting a snap.

All this awesome coding power just a click away!

Get help when you need it

Our Help Center & Support ensure that if you get stuck, you can quickly get going again.

System status page for peace of mind

We’ve added a new system status page at status.celigo.com so that you can keep track of any outages.

Collaborative design - we need you!

We need everyone to create a great user experience! We’ve worked closely with customers, partners, and employees to streamline and enhance functionality.

We’re always looking for more insights from you! If you’re interested in being part of our collaborative design program, just ping us!

We’d love to hear about your experience

We’ve got much more in store and welcome your feedback! 
Send feedback to [email protected].