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How the CDC Foundation Modernized and Automated Its Business Processes: A Digital Transformation Story

As a large organization raising over $1.25B for the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC Foundation grew to depend primarily on manual and paper-based processes. Through a major Digital Transformation initiative, the Foundation sought to modernize its operations and replace legacy processes with best-of-breed cloud solutions such as Salesforce CRM, NetSuite ERP, ADP HCM, SAP Concur, Celigo iPaaS, and much more.

Join us as Malcolm James, Senior Technology and Business Solutions Manager at the CDC Foundation, for a candid conversation discussing how CDCF successfully approached and executed the automation of its legacy processes, just in time to manage the 5-fold increase in transactions it experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics include:

  • The challenges faced by growing organizations like the CDC Foundation
  • Navigating their Digital Transformation initiative and selecting the right cloud-based tools
  • The pivotal role of integration and automation
  • Results, insights, and best practices based on the successful experience

In addition to learning about CDC Foundation’s digital transformation journey, we will also be running in parallel a fundraiser to help raise $7,500 for the Foundation’s CRUSH COVID campaign.

Full Webinar Transcript
Welcome and thank you for joining us today for our webinar, how the CDC Foundation modernized and automated its business processes. I’m Kristie Conner, director of product marketing for our iPaaS platform Celigo Integrator.io. And today I’m excited to have Malcolm James here with us from the CDC Foundation to share the foundation’s digital transformation story. Every company has a journey, and today we get to hear how Malcolm and the team at the CDC Foundation started their digital transformation journey from the business challenges they were facing to the processes and business results. This is a really great opportunity to hear from someone who has lived the experience and continues to look for new opportunities to automate processes. A few quick housekeeping items. The webinar today will be recorded, so you’ll receive a link to the on-demand version. And Malcolm is going to be available for Q&A at the end of the session, so please feel free to start asking questions. Just type them into the chatbox. For those of you who are new to Celigo, Celigo is the next generation iPaaS integration platform as a service. We are recognized in the market by our customers and leading analyst firms. In February, we were named the winner of G2s best software awards for 2021, and we’re the highest ranked iPaaS solution to receive this award in the category of best IT cloud management software. We’ve received several badges from G2 over several years. And this validation from G2 is significant because it’s based on our customer reviews. So a big thank you to our customers who have joined us today. We really appreciate you.

About The Speaker

Malcolm James

DC Foundation

Malcolm James is a Senior Technology and Business Solutions Manager providing innovative vision, strategy, and leadership in all areas of technology use, planning, development, and support within CDC Foundation. He joined the CDC Foundation in 2017 and is responsible for the full range of information systems and management of the supporting IT staff. In his role, James leads technology-focused strategic planning and proactively identifies opportunities to improve existing areas of service delivery performance. James graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems.

Kristie Conner

Director Product Marketing

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