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How to Revamp Quote-to-Cash in a Changing IT and Business Landscape – EMEA

Managing Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) processes is one of the top and most complex challenges for growing companies. Fast and accurate processing is crucial to close deals faster, drive positive customer experience, improve cash management and visibility, and increase operational efficiency.

Through every sales cycle, there is a need to share information from different teams: from sales, accounting, customer success, and more. Without automation, companies find themselves dependent on manual processes, such as manual data entry, quote creation, and data uploads downloads across software via spreadsheets. Not only are these activities resource intensive and prone to error, but they slow sales cycles and increase the risk of deals having to be resigned.

Aryaka Networks, a Cloud-First WAN company, has streamlined its Quote-to-Cash processes by integrating its tech stack around NetSuite, Zuora, and Salesforce, leading to improved operational efficiency.

In this webinar, Venkat Ranga, Head of Business Information Systems, at Aryaka, will join experts at Celigo to discuss best practices in streamlining Quote-to-Cash processes for growing companies. Watch now and learn:

  • An overview of Quote-to-Cash (Q2C)
  • The changes in Q2C process as companies mature
  • How Aryaka streamlined their Order-to-Cash processes
  • Key business results Aryaka obtained through automation
  • Automation through Integration with Celigo’s iPaaS
  • And much more!

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About The Speaker

Venkat Ranga

Head of Business Information Systems
Aryaka Networks

Venkat is the current Head of Business Systems at Aryaka, a global leader in managed SD-WAN, and previously led Business Systems delivery at Malwarebytes and VMware, with nearly a decade of experience between those roles. In this capacity, he’s spent a lot of time thinking about how and why Business Technology teams need to exist and often shares why a SMB’s stands to benefit from adding one to their org structure. He believes in continuous learning and motivates teams to learn and experiment and fail fast. He is currently spending time on getting himself abreast of Security.

Rico Andrade

VP of Marketing

Rico oversees Celigo’s marketing organization, where is he is responsible for the company’s brand, messaging, demand generation, outreach programs, events, and communications. Prior to joining Celigo, Rico was VP of Marketing at iCharts, significantly enhancing the company’s visibility and reputation inside the NetSuite ecosystem. He spent 13 years as the Executive Producer at Transvideo Studios, where he worked closely on marketing strategy with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. In addition, Rico also ran his own consulting company, traveled the world teaching innovation and design as part of the Stanford d.school’s d.global initiative, and helped launch Unreasonable at Sea with the Unreasonable Group. Rico holds degrees in Computer Science and Communication from Stanford University.

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Use it now and later to expedite integration work without adding more data silos, specialized technical skillsets or one-off projects.

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