Ins and Outs of Integrating Apps with NetSuite2019-10-14T20:56:49+00:00
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Ins and Outs of Integrating Apps with NetSuite

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Companies and individual departments today find themselves using dozens - if not hundreds - of best-of-breed cloud applications. With NetSuite increasingly becoming the primary system of record, many of these applications and processes need to be integrated directly with NetSuite.

In this webinar, Celigo VP of Product, Matt Graney, and CTO, Scott Henderson, discuss some of the best practices for integrating applications to NetSuite - from planning through implementation. This information is based on Celigo's experience with over 1,200 NetSuite customers.

Whether you are a NetSuite admin, power user, or in IT/Operations, you will learn about:

  • Best practices in planning and designing effective integrations
  • Project management and prioritization
  • Minimizing data errors and corruption
  • Keeping data secure
  • Minimizing impact to integrated apps
  • Scaling integrations across the organization