Remove Back Office Complexity: Integrate Magento with NetSuite OnDemand Webinar2019-10-02T16:13:34+00:00
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Remove Back Office Complexity: Integrate Magento with NetSuite ERP

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Online selling is becoming increasingly complex. Retailers must work with multiple systems for shopping, order management, fulfillment, and other processes. As a result, back office operations become inefficient, leading to poor buying experience for shoppers.

To address these challenges, companies using Magento and NetSuite ERP have integrated these applications. Order, product, customer, fulfillment, and other key data are automatically synchronized between Magento and NetSuite. This has enabled companies to streamline their operations with the ability to easily scale as their businesses grow.

Join Celigo, the leader in NetSuite integrations, to learn how integrating Magento with NetSuite can help reduce the complexity of omnichannel selling.

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  • Impact of integration on your back office operations and the buying experience
  • Different options for integrating Magento with NetSuite
  • How Celigo's "best of both worlds" approach for Magento-NetSuite integration works