Turning Online Returns into Profit with Back-Office Automation

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Providing customers an easy method of returns is one way to drive repeat business. However, if not properly planned with the right processes in place, returns management can end up as a costly process for the business.

There are out-of-the-box Returns Management Apps, such as Returnly, that can be leveraged to provide customers a smooth returns experience. However, there is still a lot of work that is required on the back-office for accurate tracking of inventory and cash flows.

In this upcoming webinar, Matt Williams, Head of Operations and Finance at Topo Designs, talks about their journey automating their returns management processes end-to-end for accurate visibility on inventory and cash flows.

Our panelists discuss:

  • How ecommerce businesses can leverage returns
  • Challenges with typical returns management processes
  • How back-office automation helped improve inventory and cash flows

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About the speakers

Matt Williams

Ebru Saglam

Ebru has a diverse background with over a decade of combined experience in marketing, technical sales and customer services roles across startups and enterprises. She also has hands-on experience in the e-commerce landscape, she has spent more than 5 years running her DTC multi-channel e-commerce business.