Did you know Celigo is in the Acumatica Pricebook? Celigo offers an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that enables your team and clients to integrate applications and data sources with Acumatica, seamlessly streamlining business processes. You can now sell Celigo directly through Acumatica!

In this informational webinar for Acumatica VARs, learn why this is important for you and your clients, when Celigo is a great fit, and all about new resources that will help you succeed at selling Celigo and providing integration services for client projects.

Join us on October 7th at 11 am PST, as we discuss selling Celigo through the Acumatica pricebook.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Celigo SKUs in the Acumatica pricebook and what they include
  • Celigo sales resources – demo environments, sales materials, and more
  • Implementation service options and processes
  • The importance of Celigo Certification 
  • Celigo’s new Partner Success Program – how to access its extensive benefits

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About the speakers

Sara Cole

Sara has joined Celigo as a Partner Sales Enablement Manager. She will be working to ensure our partners' sales and services organizations are well-equipped with the product knowledge, differentiators, incentives, and processes necessary to effectively sell or refer Celigo's current and new solution offerings.
Since 2015, Sara has worked in various roles within large VAR's focusing mainly on brand & channel management. She's excited to dive into the iPaaS space, tapping into a growing market that helps companies catapult growth.

When Sara isn't telling the world about iPaaS, you can find her studying for her master's program, volunteering at the Humane Society of Indianapolis, and hosting solo dance-offs in her kitchen.

Laura Doherty

Laura Doherty, Head of Strategic Business Development at Celigo, works with technology partners to develop integration strategies to expand into new markets, increase sales, and meet customer demand. Laura suspects her time spent in procurement, finance and contracting earlier in her career was the impetus for joining the Celigo team. Integration eliminates painful problems that Laura is passionate about solving with partners to create ideal customer experiences.

Prior to Celigo, Laura worked at Esalen Institute in Big Sur where she collaborated with educators and thought leaders throughout the world to produce hundreds of workshops and events each year.

Theresa Putzier

Theresa is a NetSuite evangelist and passionate about relationships & leveraging technology to improve processes and efficiency.

Jordan Fladell

Jordan Fladell is the Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Celigo. He is the former CEO and Co-Founder of mLevel, the award-winning digital learning platform and brings a unique viewpoint to the learning world as for the past twenty-five years Jordan has been delivering and educating corporations on disruptive technologies witnessing firsthand the engagement challenge companies face today. The excitement and passion for helping companies successfully drive advancement via education is what Jordan brings to the table each and every day. 

Previously he was Solutions Managing Director at Slalom Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia, where he led the charge to build out their technology practice. He has also served as Vice President of Business Development at Web.com, the leading provider of websites and web services for the small business space and the companies who service that community; Principal of Definition 6, an internet marketing firm that he co- founded; and President of Web World, a website design firm that was sold to Jaye Communications and eventually integrated into CyberNet Solutions.

Mr. Fladell has spoken at the MSFT Worldwide Partner Conference, I-Tech, Ed-Tech Israel, DevLearn, ATD & SHRM to name a few. In addition, he hosted and created The FFL Guru Fantasy Football Webcast, which led to both radio and TV appearances. He is a highly engaging speaker who knows how to bring a crowd to life.

Meet Celigo

Celigo automates your quote-to-cash process with an easy & reusable integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), trusted by thousands of eCommerce and SaaS companies worldwide.

Use it now and later to expedite integration work without adding more data silos, specialized technical skillsets or one-off projects.