When selling internationally, businesses taking a multi-channel sales approach, and leveraging third-party logistics providers (3PLs) need to ensure product information is consistent across these different channels, at different warehouse locations, in marketplaces in multiple countries.

When product information is not centrally managed and automatically updated across different channels, the resulting manual process requires a lot of hours of work, introducing errors and slowing down sales and fulfillment.

Lights4fun, the leading distributor of decorative lights for home and garden based in the UK, has built a global enterprise selling across key markets in Europe and North America. Kieran Eblett, Managing Director, Lights4fun, and Federica Invernizzi, ERP Implementation Project Manager at Lights4fun share their insights and best practices in building an organization for efficiently selling into multiple marketplaces.

Topics discussed include:

  • The challenges of setting up ecommerce and 3PL operations across Europe
  • Maintaining accurate inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Opportunities and options for automation
  • The role of integration platforms

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