Selling in Multiple, Fragmented Markets: Automating Feed Management

Businesses taking a multi-channel sales approach using different ecommerce marketplaces — in addition to their retail locations and webstores — need to ensure product information is consistent across these different channels. If they are leveraging 3PLs for fulfillment, they also need to ensure product information is up-to-date at different warehouse locations, especially when dealing with marketplaces in multiple countries.

When product information is not centrally managed and automatically updated across different channels, the resulting manual process requires a lot of hours, introducing errors and slowing down sales and fulfillment.

Join Henk Kooiker, Director of ZangaBee, and Rico Andrade, VP of Marketing from Celigo as they share best practices on how to efficiently manage items across sales channels, marketplaces, and warehouses to reduce operational costs and speed up sales.

Topics that we discuss include:

  • The challenges of maintaining accurate inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Selling in fragmented European markets
  • Best practices for eliminating hours of manual data processing
  • Achieving visibility of products on various ecommerce platforms for commercial purposes
  • Optimizing feed and data quality to reduce operational expenses and costs


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About the speakers

Henk Kooiker

Rico Andrade

Rico oversees Celigo’s marketing organization, where is he is responsible for the company’s brand, messaging, demand generation, outreach programs, events, and communications. Prior to joining Celigo, Rico was VP of Marketing at iCharts, significantly enhancing the company’s visibility and reputation inside the NetSuite ecosystem. He spent 13 years as the Executive Producer at Transvideo Studios, where he worked closely on marketing strategy with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. In addition, Rico also ran his own consulting company, traveled the world teaching innovation and design as part of the Stanford’s initiative, and helped launch Unreasonable at Sea with the Unreasonable Group. Rico holds degrees in Computer Science and Communication from Stanford University.