Optimizing 3PL Management for Multi-Channel Operations with Integration

With the unprecedented impact of COVID on supply chain, now more than ever, businesses need to optimize their 3PL management processes. Whether they need to work with fewer resources or process an increasing number of orders, automation is key for operational efficiency.

By integrating their 3PL into NetSuite, businesses can eliminate the need for manually exchanging product, order, and fulfillment information with their 3PL Providers, and keep accurate track of inventory leading to healthy business decisions.

In this webinar, Chris Bidleman from Celigo discusses best practices for fully automating 3PL management processes.

Topics include:

  • State of Ecommerce and impact on supply chain
  • Challenges managing 3PL for multi-channel ecommerce
  • Best Practices for 3PL Management Automation
  • Q & A

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About the speakers

Chris Bidleman

Ebru Saglam

Ebru has a diverse background with over a decade of combined experience in marketing, technical sales and customer services roles across startups and enterprises. She also has hands-on experience in the e-commerce landscape, she has spent more than 5 years running her DTC multi-channel e-commerce business.