Intro to SaaS App Integrations: Build a Flow with Celigo – EMEA

SaaS companies use many different applications to run their business and being able to connect those apps to automate business processes can accelerate growth. With Celigo you can integrate applications with ease. Our Solutions Consultant will demonstrate how easily by walking through a common use case for companies like yours: building an integration between CRM and Zendesk applications. This session is good for all users (business or technical) whether you are new to Celigo and building your first flow or want a refresher.

Thousands of companies rely on Celigo’s integration platform to enable smoother, more efficient operations with fewer technical resources. With Celigo’s library of pre-built templates and connectors, you can get started quickly and expand. 

Topics that we’ll discuss include:

  • An introduction to the Celigo (new User Interface)
  • Overview of templates, application, and universal connectors
  • Live demo: building an integration flow
  • Overview of Advanced Capabilities
  • Live Q&A

About the speakers