Ecommerce Integration Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Experts estimate that COVID-19 accelerated the transition to digital commerce by five years. There is no better time than now to evaluate where you are on your digital transformation journey. Is the lack of automation increasing operational costs, delaying order fulfillment, and generally holding your business back?  Knowing the right investments to make to accelerate your digital transformation is critical so you don’t waste time and resources.

Join us, as Mark Simon, VP of Strategy at Celigo will walk us through an Ecommerce integration roadmap for automation that will help accelerate your digital transformation journey. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Ecommerce and the role of integration
  • A roadmap for Ecommerce digital transformation
  • Digital transformation stories from our customers

About the speakers

Ebru Saglam

Ebru has a diverse background with over a decade of combined experience in marketing, technical sales and customer services roles across startups and enterprises. She also has hands-on experience in the e-commerce landscape, she has spent more than 5 years running her DTC multi-channel e-commerce business.

Mark Simon

Mark comes to Celigo having spent the last 21 years in technology. He started his career as a software developer in 1997, building e-commerce applications and custom integrations for several years. He then co-founded and led technology and operations as CTO for Evo, a successful e-commerce company that grew from $0 to $13M in revenue in three years. He then moved on to start a career in consulting with Explore Consulting, an award-winning Solution Provider and VAR. Mark has worked with clients across several industries including multiple software clients and publicly traded companies pre and post IPO. His efforts for software clients included designing and developing automated processes for sales order processing, subscription management, and provisioning among others.