Celigo on Celigo: Using Data & Analytics to Power A Data-Driven Culture

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how Celigo’s Data & Analytics team is powering a data-driven culture using Celigo integrator.io.  Removing data silos across foundational business applications and systems is core to a data and analytics strategy. Integrating a BI solution or business applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, Gainsight, and others, ensures the right data is available to business users at the right time in the right system.

Being data-driven is an essential next step to driving growth for SaaS companies.  Join us to learn how the Celigo Data Operations team has put integration and automation at the center of their strategy for faster time to value and empowering a data driven culture. 

Join us and learn:

  • How integration and automation can level up and streamline your data and analytics
  • Solve enterprise-wide use cases more efficiently by standardizing data integration “plays” 
  • Faster time to value with repeatable processes for solving analytics use cases
  • Remove error-prone manual processes, while improving data integrity 
  • Live Q&A with our Data & Analytics team

Make your next move with confidence! 

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