NetSuite as a Connected Business Hub On-Demand Webinar

NetSuite as a Connected Business Hub On-Demand Webinar2019-08-01T08:31:14+00:00
On-Demand Webinar

NetSuite as Connected Business Hub: Your Path to Efficiency and Growth

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NetSuite ERP is core to thousands of great businesses. But most NetSuite customers use a variety of specialized third-party applications and suppliers for their CRM, eCommerce storefronts, customer support, fulfillment, payroll, and more.

Using separate best-of-breed apps has many advantages, but disconnected systems cause process and operational inefficiencies that hinder growth and profitability.

Join Celigo, the NetSuite integrations leader, for a 30 minute webinar that reveals how a growing number of NetSuite customers are overcoming these challenges.

You'll learn:

  • The hidden costs of using separate best-of-breed departmental applications
  • How connecting different departmental apps automates processes, improves reporting, and removes barriers to growth 
  • How thousands of NetSuite customers are turning NetSuite into a connected hub for more efficient operations
  • The smarter way to connect separate applications across your business

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