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Integrating Shopify with NetSuite: The Smart Way vs. the Costly Way

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Most forward-looking companies integrate their Shopify-based storefront with NetSuite. Integration streamlines operations in many ways. It can enable you to view online orders instantly, manage product listings and pricing, automate fulfillment and shipment notifications, optimize stock levels, manage cancellations and refunds, and more—all directly in NetSuite. It not only saves time and effort, it enables real-time reporting capabilities, greater data accuracy, and makes it easier to scale operations.

But not all integrations are equal. Some integrations are more reliable and customizable to better serve the special needs of your business. And when it comes to business cloud integrations, there are smart ways to do things and more costly ways to do things.

Join Celigo, the leader in NetSuite integrations, to learn more about the smart way to integrate Shopify with NetSuite, including: 

  • The shortcomings and hidden costs of building your own integration or using a typical connector
  • How easy it is to integrate Shopify with NetSuite via an Integration App (Integration App) and a modern iPaaS integration platform
  • How integrations enable automated data synchronization that removes operational barriers to growth, business visibility, and increased customer satisfaction
  • How integrating NetSuite with other related cloud apps for banking, online marketplaces, 3PL, and support can further streamline your business