Ins and Outs of Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite – Webinar

Ins and Outs of Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite – Webinar2019-09-10T22:17:48+00:00
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Ins and Outs of Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite

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Companies that use NetSuite typically have multiple applications in use across different departments. One of the most frequent scenarios is one in which the Sales team uses Salesforce to manage sales pipeline while Finance uses NetSuite to manage orders, billing, products, contracts, and other key data. Without seamless integration between these two applications, data silos can lead to longer billing cycles and reduced visibility into bookings.

Celigo has written the book on NetSuite-Salesforce integrations, having helped hundreds of customers while developing our flagship Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App (formerly SmartConnector). Join Celigo's cloud integration expert, Deb Morgan, Director Solutions Consulting, as she shows how to optimize your Salesforce and NetSuite integration based on your business processes. Topics that she will discuss include:

  • Integration needs by roles: Sales, Finance, Ops/IT
  • Identifying key Salesforce and NetSuite objects to be integrated
  • Mapping your lead-to-cash approval process and workflows into the integration
  • Setting up integration flows, including schedules, data validation rules, etc
  • Overview of Celigo's flagship Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App
  • And more...

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