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Connect Your Cloud Apps with

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Learn how makes it easy and fast to connect your cloud applications. Celigo is the only integration platform that offers three options for integrating cloud applications:

  • Using pre-built integrations that are offered as managed SaaS apps
  • Creating your own integrations using intuitive wizards, menus, and field mapping guides
  • Importing data files into supported cloud applications was designed to allow both tech-savvy business users and operations staff to easily build integrations. Non-technical users can create simple integration flows between different applications or use the pre-built Integration Apps to connect two applications, such as NetSuite and Salesforce, without IT support. Developers can use the sophisticated wizards and menus to quickly integrate apps using a variety of protocols.

Register for this 30-minute on-demand webinar as Celigo's integration experts, Scott Henderson (CTO) and Matt Graney (VP, Product Management), provide an informative overview of how you can use to easily connect your cloud apps to streamline your business.