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Supercharge your SAP Transformation with Celigo iPaaS

Enable every team to innovate their SAP business processes across include third-party apps to accelerate enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Accelerate SAP Transformations by enabling
every team to automate their business processes.

Transforming the enterprise into a technology leader cannot be contained in IT alone. To be successful, an automation-first approach must manifest itself across all areas of the organization. By equipping every employee with the skills and tools to build and deploy automations, you can ignite grassroots innovation.

Unlike other integration platforms, Celigo enables IT to govern and manage integrations centrally, while empowering self-service business process automation for across departments, accelerating transformation while fostering innovation and business agility.

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What makes Celigo unique?

Enable business teams with self-service while ensuring best practices and compliance
Enable IT and business teams alike to accelerate automation of SAP business processes

    • UX designed for technical and non-technical users alike enables every team with the power to automate their processes

    • Eliminate reliance on expensive developer resources to build and manage integrations to third-party apps

    • Focus developer resources on the key integrations that our the cornerstone to your SAP transformation

    • Enable business teams with self-service while ensuring best practices and IT governance

    • Reduce Time to Automate by over 5x with ease of use rated over 92% according to G2 reviews

Modern Cloud Native iPaaS with infinite scalability

Modify business logic through configuration settings instead of writing or editing code.

Allow functional experts to own their automations

Designed for line-of-business users to implement and manage without relying on technical resources.

Fastest time to business value.

More than just a starting point

Automate your common business processes up to 100% out of the box with prebuilt automations

No more waiting for scarce and expensive IT resources

Turns anyone into a business process automation expert through a no-code line-of-business user experience.

Self-service if you want it, expert help if you need it

Get up and running in weeks, not months, using flexible implementation models that best fit your requirements, from self-service to Celigo-managed.

A modern Cloud Native iPaaS with infinite scalability

Future-proof extensibility.

Platform difference

All business process automations are built on the Celigo iPaaS so you can rest easy knowing that as your business changes and grows, we change and grow with you.

We take care of API management headaches

Celigo proactively updates APIs so you never have to worry about downtime.

Business value increases over time

No business stands still, so as new applications are added and new business processes need automating, you have a platform in place to meet any future need.

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Sync Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Confirmations, Ship Notices and Invoices between SAP Ariba Network and NetSuite

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Amazon – SAP Business ByDesign Integration Application
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Prebuilt integration to automate order processing, fulfillments, inventory management, and more between Amazon and SAP Business ByDesign

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