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Quote to Cash Automation for SaaS Companies

Automating quote to cash is about more than just gaining efficiency

Quote to cash processes cover the sales cycle, provisioning (fulfillment) and revenue recognition. There are a number of critical hand-offs between sales, your customer and finance and many organizations face issues with:

  • Quoting and approval processes take weeks
  • Sales reps spend up to 45% of their time on non-sales tasks
  • Revenue rec delayed by 2-3 weeks because of contract errors

Part of the challenge for automating quote to cash is most SaaS/Software companies use multiple systems to manage different parts of the process. Sales teams live in the CRM while Finance teams live in the ERP. Pricing and quotes are managed in yet another system and fulfillment is handled still more systems. With data spread across multiple systems, there are many points where sales cycles can get stalled and errors introduced that slow everything down and increase cost of customer acquisition.

Integrate your Quote-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

How does Integration help?

Increase Win Rates by 20%

Eliminate data silos between CRM, ERP, Billing and CPQ systems eliminating manual steps and errors that result in rework and accelerating sales cycles.

Lower Sales and Finance Costs by 5%

Reduce the time reps spend doing non-sales tasks and reduce contract errors that Finance team need to fix before products can be fulfilled.

Reduce Time to Quote by Days

Reduce the manual back and forth between sales and finance on quotes by automating approval process using collaboration tools

Streamline sales cycles and rev rec. processes to accelerate revenue and increase profitability by automating quote to cash

Accelerate sales cycles by integrating CRM, Contract Management and CPQ solutions to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Get a Quickstart with pre-built templates and out-of-box integration apps for common integration use cases.

Customize and expand your integrations, without requiring technical resources.

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations without coding.

Proven Robustness to securely handle large amounts of data moving to a data warehouse.

Easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand.

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