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across applications.

Perfect your back-office performance.

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The Problem: Order-to-Cash processes are fragmented

across applications and departments.

Many different endpoints
and workflows.

Multiple ways to achieve
the same end result.

Can’t depend on IT
to maintain.

Celigo is the platform that brings it all together.

Celigo is the leader in Order-to-Cash automations through integration.
We leverage a decade of experience with thousands of customers to bring it all under one roof.

Experience an intelligent tool

Fastest Time to Business Value

Best Practice Optimization
and Automation of
Business Processes

Future-Proof Extensibility

The Celigo Advantage.

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Featured Order-to-Cash Automations.

Amazon MWS – Dynamics 365 Business Central Business Process Automation

Sync orders between Amazon MWS and Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Amazon MWS – Acumatica Business Process Automation

Sync customers, orders, inventory, and more between Amazon MWS and Acumatica

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Shopify – NetSuite Business Process Automation

Sync customers, orders, fulfillment, inventory, items, risk metrics, and other key data synchronized between NetSuite and one or more Shopify or Shopify Plus stores

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Automate every use case
across thousands of applications and departments.

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Loved by customers. Recommended by the experts.

Celigo named G2 Best Software for 2021

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G2 Leader in iPaaS

Trusted by the world’s leading innovators.

Dave Witty
Frank Baert

Sales & Purchasing Administrator


“We would not have been able to grow as well as we did if we did not have a platform like Celigo. One of the reasons we’re able to achieve that is because of the automation that it provides. We would probably need 20 or 30 more employees to handle everything that Celigo does on a daily basis. We probably saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, if not more.”

Jotham Ty

Kieran Eblett

Finance Director


“Because with this seamless integration with Celigo, everything is always aligned, and we know that the data we’re looking at is actually correct. So rather than having to spend that time verifying what we see, we can dive deeper into the data. We essentially grow the business by using these tools.”

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