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Many B2C and B2B businesses manage their Order-to-Cash processes across multiple isolated systems that are not connected to each other. This results in data silos, slow business operations, negative customer experience and poor visibility into cash inflows.

Order-to-Cash Business Process

Integrate your Ecommerce Order-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

How does Integration help?

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Optimize Operational

Integrate ecommerce storefronts, marketplace accounts, 3PL, payment processing systems with ERP for automated order processing, fulfillment and accounting.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer

Unify data across your applications, to fulfill orders fast, eliminate errors in order fullfilment and selling out-of-stock items.

Accelerate Revenue Recognition

Accelerate Revenue Recognition

Get real-time visibility into cash flow in ERP once an order is processed. Eliminate accounting errors and delays with automated accounting and reconciliation.


Automating your Omnichannel Operations

Learn how Lights4Fun, an omnichannel retailer, significantly improved their operational efficiency and customer experience by integrating 14 Ecommerce marketplaces and various 3PLs with their ERP.

Integrate your Ecommerce Order-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

Integrate your Ecommerce Order-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

Capture your entire order-to-cash business processes with the capability to connect anything to anything on iPaaS.

Get a Quickstart with pre-built templates and out-of-box integration apps for common Ecommerce use cases.

Customize and expand your integrations, without requiring technical resources.

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations without coding.

Proven Robustness to handle large volume of transactions during peak sales such as black friday, cyber monday and holidays.

Easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand.

Integrate your Ecommerce Order-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

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