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When not automated, managing a large number of SKUs across multiple sales channels in multiple currencies, can slow down time to market. Poor product listings that are not up-to-date result in low conversion rates. Manually updating data across ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces, and systems such as POS, OMS, WMS, PIM and ERP is not only slow and error-prone, but it is also highly costly.

Maintain consistent and accurate product information across systems with integration.

Integrate your Item Management with Celigo’s iPaaS

How does Integration help?

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate hours of manual data processing and effortlessly keep product data accurate and consistent across sales channels, warehouses, fulfillment centers and business systems.

Speed Up Sales

Speed Up Sales

Automatically update items across channels and bring products faster to market. Improve sales through real-time updates into listings. Easily launch in multiple countries and currencies.

Build a data-driven product strategy

Build a data-driven product strategy

Unify product information to gain visibility into product performance across channels. Plan better product distribution by identifying geographies with high fulfillment volumes. Single out slow selling products.

Integrate your Item Management with Celigo’s iPaaS

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Selling in Multiple, Fragmented Markets: Automating Feed Management

Automate Item Management with Celigo’s iPaaS

Quickly get started with pre-built templates, out-of-box integration apps and connectors for popular ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces, POS, PIM, PLM, WMS and OMS applications.

Capture all of your product workflows in one place by connecting applications and data sources.

Customize and expand your integrations, without requiring technical resources.

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations.

Proven Robustness to scale with growing volume of data flows across systems as you add in more endpoints.

Easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand.

Integrate your Item Management with Celigo’s iPaaS

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