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Many businesses manage their demand planning with spreadsheets or processes across multiple isolated systems that are not connected to each other. This results in data silos, slow business operations, negative customer experience and poor visibility into demand planning.

Demand Planning Business Process

Integrate your Demand Planning with Celigo’s iPaaS

How does Integration help?

Automating the process of demand planning is the closest thing to having a crystal ball

Demand planning is critical for retail and product companies of all sizes to improve forecasting agility by integrating the vital data across from different sources. By bringing it all together you can give your organization vision for making smarter decisions.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Integrate ecommerce storefronts, marketplace accounts, 3PL, finance systems, ERP’s, demand planning solutions for automated data collection, demand planning and data analytics.

Deliver Demand Visibility

Unify data across your applications, providing a clear vision to consumer demand resulting in better strategic business decisions.

Improve Cash Flow

Opportunity for improved cash flow, once data is gathered and the demand forecast is identified. Visibility into opportunities and liabilities provide insights into inventory optimization, leading to improved cash flow.

Integrate your HR with Celigo’s iPaaS

Upcoming Webinar

Demand Planning: Forecasting for a Stronger 2021

November 19, 2020 | 10:00am PST | 1:00pm EST

Join our panel of experts Audrey Walby, the Founder and CEO of SAFIO Solutions, a SaaS application for forecasting and demand planning, where she’ll be joined by two of SAFIO Solutions customers, WodBottom and Uniek Inc, to discuss how automating demand planning and integrating applications can help companies remain agile and enable growth.

Integration streamlines demand planning giving eCommerce companies the edge in forecasting the future and preparing for uncertain times.

Get a quickstart with out-of-box integration apps for common eCommerce use cases

Bring all your vital data points together removing data silos for your demand planners

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations.

Proven Robustness to securely handle large amounts of data moving to a data warehouse.

Easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand.

Integrate your Demand Planning with Celigo’s iPaaS

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