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Scaling with repeatability

Trustable business decisions based on accurate, up-to-date and complete data

Being data-driven is more than just removing silos and having data. It is about delivering the right data set to the right audience at the right time. Each department needs data, but their requirements and the ways that data will be utilized will be different.

With Celigo, you start with an integration and automation strategy that ensures — data integrity, real-time access, and support for enterprise-wide data warehouse and analytics requirements.

Why iPaaS and why Celigo?

Every team in your organization is going to want data to drive their decision-making. It starts with one request, and like dominos, every department is going to make a request. Your data and operations teams can get overwhelmed. With Celigo, you can standardize integrations and speed up with automation.

Why iPaaS and why Celigo?

Scaling with repeatability

Scaling with repeatability

Standardize integrations across your organization — and then repurpose those integrations when your organization starts asking for data and analytics.

Monitor & Manage

Monitor & Manage

Monitoring and managing multiple integration flows across the organization is a lot of work. With Celigo, you have advanced error management which gives your teams real-time visibility across all your integrations and flows, with the added value of auto-resolve.

Pre-Built Integrations & Connectors

Pre-built Integrations for

Extract-Load-Transform Workflows

Celigo offers pre-built integrations and connectors to leading SaaS applications, databases, and data warehouses. Leverage pre-built tools to reduce the time and effort to integrate.

Integration and Automation to Power your data driven organization

One iPaaS serving the needs of an entire organization.

When it comes to data warehousing and analytics, IT can become overwhelmed with requests and become the bottleneck. By standardizing integrations and automating the analytics and data use case, IT can:

Repeatable processes for adding for new data and analytics use cases

Empower less technical users with self-service

Address common integrations scenarios faster with pre-built integrations and connectors

Easily manage, monitor enterprise integrations


Marketing, sales, product management — they all need access to data and analytics to move the business forward. By automating data and analytics; business teams have access to better quality data, faster:

Easy access to accurate, timely data to inform business decisions

Reduce manual and error-prone processes

Reduce the reliance on Excel spreadsheets

Business Teams

Data analytics teams are building data models while departments are requesting access to real-time data. By standardizing on an iPaaS platform and automating business process, your data teams can:

Leverage automation processes across the organization

Empower business owners with real-time access to the data they need

Improve data integrity, reduce reliance on spreadsheets

Reduce the involvement of technical teams

Data Teams

Whether there is a centralized operations team or each department has operations and business analysts a platform strategy simplifies:

Access to real-time data

Streamlines reporting

Eliminates or reduce reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes

Elevates confidence in the data being curated and shared

Operations Teams

Automate Data Warehousing to Deliver Insights across the Enterprise

In this session, Ebru Saglam, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Celigo shares her how to accelerate insights by delivering easy to implement, reusable data pipelines for extracting and loading of data from multiple SaaS applications into Snowflake — all within a single product.

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Automate Data Warehousing to Deliver Insights across the Enterprise

Featured Integrations

Streamline Integration & Automation with Pre-Built Connectors:

Don’t see your app? No problem—integrate with our universal adaptors. No SDK required!

If you’re trying to integrate with an application that wasn’t listed above, Celigo’s can still integrate with them using our HTTP or REST API universal adaptors. can also connect to any FTP server, as well as a range of SQL databases.

Configuring a custom connection via API is much easier than you think—it’s as simple as filling out a form. Instead of having to code from scratch every time you want to integrate a custom application, Celigo saves you time and effort so you can focus on integrating your systems efficiently.











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