iPaaS: Ecommerce Integrations For Efficiency, Reliability and Driving Customer Experience2020-08-12T20:51:36+00:00

iPaaS: E-Commerce Integrations For Efficiency, Reliability and Driving Customer Experience

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Ebru Saglam Ebru Saglam Product Marketing Manager
Mark Simon Mark Simon Vice President, Strategy & Operations

In today’s world, as most retailers have an omni-channel operation, providing high quality and consistent buying experiences across channels becomes key for businesses to continue their growth. In order to ensure great customer experience, businesses need to make sure orders are fulfilled on-time, provide customers visibility to the status of orders and handle their requests efficiently.

In this on demand webinar, we will be discussing how connecting various sales channels and business systems through iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) can help omni-channel retailers improve the overall buying experience of their customers.

In this on-demand webinar, it will help retailers:

    • Understand today’s ecommerce landscape and challenges
    • Provide a high quality omnichannel experience to customers
    • Leverage operational efficiency via integration as a business differentiator
    • Pick the right integration solution for your business
    • Get started with iPaaS

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