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Ins and Outs of Integrating 3PLs and NetSuite

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Many companies using NetSuite leverage the benefits of outsourcing warehousing, distribution and online order fulfillment to third-party logistics providers (3PL) -- whether they are processing 20 orders a day or 10,000 orders a day.

Without an integration between these systems, manual processes can slow down your operations and make it difficult to scale in times of peak sales periods. To maximize operational efficiencies, data between online storefront, ERP, 3PL, and other key back-office systems must talk with each other.

Watch this webinar to learn about options and considerations for integrating your 3PL partners to your ecommerce systems. Celigo integration experts, Chris Bidleman, Director Solution Integrations, and Ebru Saglam, Product Marketing Manager, will discuss these topics:

  • Common integration use cases between 3PL and NetSuite
  • Best practices and tips from working with 3PL and NetSuite customers
  • Options for 3PL integrations
  • Identifying which data is required for integration
  • Overview of how to approach 3PL integrations with the Celigo iPaaS
  • Anecdotes of merchants that have successfully integrated 3PL to NetSuite
  • And much more!

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