Getting Started with Webinar – Registration

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Getting Started with
How to build a simple flow in 10 minutes

Watch today!

Your account includes one flow out of the box flow. What have you activated so far?

If you haven't activated this yet—or are looking for more inspiration—join us for the "Getting Started with" webinar. Our expert will show you how to establish your connections, create a flow, and discuss advanced features!

What to expect at this webinar:

  • See how easy it is to create a flow in less than 10 minutes
  • Get an extension of your unlimited flow trial for another 30 days (after this period, Free Edition users will continue to have access to one flow in perpetuity)
  • Four webinar attendees will win a private session with an expert to review your custom flows
  • Get a sneak peek of upcoming events for users (limited seating available)

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