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Advanced Integrations -Extending Flows with Custom Code Webinar – Registration2019-10-28T14:55:09+00:00
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Advanced Integrations: Extending Flows with Custom Code Webinar

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Scott Henderson Scott Henderson Chief Technology Officer
Matt Graney Matt Graney Vice President of Product

Many integration use cases can be handled through the guided experience of building flows in, but there are times when more is needed. What if the incoming data needs to be significantly transformed before it is handed off to the next stage of the integration? What if new fields have to be generated from values in existing fields? has long had support for custom code, but we have recently taken it to the next level with the ability to write code directly within itself.

In this webinar, your Celigo hosts Scott Henderson, CTO and Matt Graney, VP of Product, will show you all the places where custom code can be seamlessly added to your flows so that you can conquer your toughest integration challenges.

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