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Banking Integrations for NetSuite: The Bottom Line

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There is a clear need to reduce the amount of manual labor that accounting teams need to manage each month-end, quarter-end, and year-end. Few businesses can afford to increase headcount, nor can they afford the costly errors or breakdown of internal controls that come with manual processes.

By having a direct integration between your bank and NetSuite you can speed the transmission of banking files and automate the processing of payments, receipts, and reconciliations. This automation saves time, enhances internal controls, improves cash flow management and allows the reallocation of human resources to areas that can provide more value to your business.

In this eBook, learn how to automate file transfers between banks and NetSuite to achieve efficiencies in areas such as:

  • Lowering days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating cash application
  • Improving compliance with automated vendor payments
  • Lowering costs by automating bank reconciliation
  • And more ...

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