Accelerate Acumatica sales and services with integrations

Accelerate Acumatica sales and services with integrations2020-02-12T22:35:43+00:00

Accelerate Acumatica sales and services with integrations

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Rico Andrade Rico Andrade VP OF MARKETING

Many companies that use Acumatica have an ecosystem of business applications that are used by different departments, such as applications for payroll processing, support tickets, marketing campaigns, and managing customers. In order to maximize the value of Acumatica, your clients need to have these key business applications seamlessly integrated with Acumatica.

Celigo offers an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that can enable your team or your clients to integrate any applications or data sources with Acumatica. Celigo offers an intuitive and powerful platform for empowering systems and operations analysts, tech-savvy business users, and IT developers to quickly integrate any applications.

Watch now to explore why companies are partnering with Celigo, and provide you with the knowledge to help you overcome sales objections.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Why companies are partnering with iPaaS vendors like Celigo to deploy applications
  • Custom integrations vs iPaaS solutions
  • Benefits of partnering with Celigo to close bigger deals faster, with fewer resources
  • Demo of Celigo’s platform

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About the speakers

Rico Andrade, VP of Marketing at Celigo

Rico oversees Celigo’s marketing organization, where he is responsible for the company’s brand, messaging, demand generation, outreach programs, events, and communications. Prior to joining Celigo, Rico was VP of Marketing at iCharts, significantly enhancing the company’s visibility and reputation inside the NetSuite ecosystem. He spent 13 years as the Executive Producer at Transvideo Studios, where he worked closely on marketing strategy with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley.

Chris Snelson, Integration Enablement Manager at Celigo

Chris has been with Celigo for almost 10 years joining soon after graduating from college where he earned his Bachelor of Science focused in Computer Science from Cal Poly. Chris has honed his skills at Celigo as a strong program and project management professional in the integration industry and is recognized as a key member of the Integration Enablement team at Celigo.

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