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Rules of Eligibility and Process for Refer-a-Friend Leads

These Rules of Eligibility are a framework to clarify and set expectations for how the Refer-a-Friend Program will govern referral leads sent from Celigo Customers and Others to Celigo. The rules and scenarios outlined below do not take into consideration every scenario that may arise. Situations not defined below will be handled on a case by case basis, as determined as appropriate by Celigo.

Most importantly, the Refer-a-Friend Program is intended to be shared with friends and colleagues of Celigo Customers. Celigo reserves the right to terminate Refer-a-Friend Program at any time, for any reason. Celigo reserves the right to disqualify any referral bonus, at any time, for any reason. Rules and limitations may be modified and applied in the future.

Definition of a Valid Referral

A valid referral is defined as a new sales opportunity created, as established by Celigo, a result of further verification and qualification of a submitted referral lead. Typically, a valid lead is a decision maker or influencer within a broader organization who is interested in Celigo products and they will be making a decision to purchase in the next 12 months.

  1. A valid referral cannot be for a Celigo product already purchased and in use by a current Celigo customer.
  2. If the referral is an existing Celigo prospect that is already moving through the sales cycle with a Celigo sales representative that has meaningful activity logged in the last 90 days, the lead will be disqualified.
  3. A valid referral:
    • Must be contactable and responsive – the referral lead must reply to a Celigo email or phone call, as follow-up, within 30 days of initial outreach.
    • Must have engaged with Celigo within 3 months of initial Refer-a-Friend form submission date.  After 3 months and no engagement, the referral contact is no longer valid. 
    • Must meet all normal and regular marketing and sales opportunity qualification criteria, per internal company policy and practices.
    • A referral lead is not valid until it becomes a new sales opportunity, within Celigo.

Examples of Invalid Referral Leads

  1. Referral leads for the following Celigo products do not qualify for referral bonus: Celigo free editions and CloudExtend personal editions. Celigo Services also do not qualify for referral bonus.
    • If a referral source submits a lead that has already been accepted elsewhere by Celigo, the lead will be disqualified for bonus consideration.
    • If referral source A submits a lead before Celigo can accept or reject the lead and another referral source B submits the exact same lead, source A’s referral submission will be eligible and source B’s lead will be disqualified for bonus.
  2. Repeat and duplicate referral leads are not counted as bonus eligible. Limit one referral bonus paid per unique referral contact submission, that is qualified.
  3. Any false referral lead or abuse of the Celigo Refer-a-Friend program will result in disqualification of referral bonus.
  4. Referral leads for the following Celigo products do not qualify for referral bonus:  Celigo Cloud Extend, Celigo ‘Try For Free’ products. 
  5. If Celigo discovers that Refer-a-Friend Program participants are sending unsolicited referrals to uninterested parties; these referrals and participants will not be eligible for referral bonus.

Submission & Review Processes

  1. All referral leads must be submitted via the Refer-a-Friend lead form on the Celigo website:
  2. Leads not submitted via the website lead form will not be eligible for referral bonus payout. All leads will be subject to review and further qualification by Celigo.
  3. Once the referral lead is submitted it will be routed to Celigo Marketing and Sales organizations for additional review, acceptance and qualification.
    1. If accepted, the lead will be routed to the appropriate Celigo Sales representative. Celigo Sales will follow-up with the referral lead directly.
      1. Celigo will make its best efforts to respond to all accepted leads within 60 business days of receipt.
      2. If a lead is valid and qualified, a refer-a-friend bonus reward payment process will be initiated.  The referral source will be notified when bonus payout occurs.
      3. If a lead is rejected, Celigo will not initiate a bonus reward payment process.  The referral source may or may not be notified.  
      4. All referral leads are to be considered invalid and not qualified, if after 3 months from initial refer-a-friend form fill submission, the referral lead is no longer engaged with Celigo.
    2. All rejected leads will not be further reviewed and qualified, by Celigo.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus Payments

Celigo will make its best efforts to pay Refer-a-Friend bonus payments for referral leads within 60 days of confirmation that a lead is valid and qualified.

The following information is needed from each referral source to ensure Celigo can make bonus reward payments in a timely manner:

  1. For Domestic Referral sources in the United States: we need a valid First Name, Last Name and Business Email Address.
  2. For International Referral sources outside of the United States: we need a valid First Name, Last Name and Business Email Address.  Also, we may request wire transfer information of your banking details in order to process payment.  

Typically, Refer-a-Friend bonus payments are made by electronic gift card sent out via email to the individual originally named as the referral source, as submitted on the Refer-a-Friend website form:  

For Celigo referral program inquiries, please contact: [email protected].