Interactively work with your Salesforce data directly from Excel

The Excel SmartClient enables you to manage and maintain your Salesforce data in Excel. With one click you can sync your data in either direction. Not only that, you can also use the SmartClient to download data into Excel by running existing Salesforce reports or using the built-in search filters to create queries on the fly — without accessing Salesforce.

The Excel SmartClient for Salesforce can pay for itself with just one use.

Productivity gains
Productivity gains

Work with your Salesforce data directly in Excel eliminating CSV imports, copy/paste, and manual data entry in the User Interface. Salesforce Admins, Sales Reps, Sales Directors, and all Salesforce users can benefit from the Excel SmartClient.Apply all of Excel’s powerful native functionality to Salesforce data. Allows you to update multiple Salesforce records within seconds

Cloud friendly

Runs on or Excel Desktop as a Microsoft Add-In

Cloud friendly
Powerful data manipulation

Provides Excel functions for data manipulations, calculations, and analyses

Powerful data manipulation
Real time analysis and error resolution

Validates data and provides real-time error messages for immediate resolution, which CSV import cannot do

Real time analysis and error resolution
Convenient look-ups

Provides real-time lookups for fields during data entry so youn’t have to remember values.

Convenient look-ups

Login using Salesforce credentials. Users inherit the permissions from their Salesforce role. Attempts to access records without appropriate permissions are blocked

Reports & Filters

Access your Salesforce reports and further create data filters on the top of them.
SmartClient allows you to build filters in Excel to limit the data retrieved without having to navigate through the Salesforce User Interface.

Reports  & Filters

What Can SmartClient do for you?

Download Salesforce data into Excel for Business Intelligence purposes

  • Build your own queries and download data into Excel using a wizard driven interface
  • Execute Salesforce reports from within Excel and download data
  • Benefit from advanced functionality, such as joins on related records, custom fields, parent-child objects and pick lists.

Update Salesforce data using Excel

  • Insert, modify, upsert or delete Salesforce data from within Excel with a single click
  • Retrieve Salesforce data into predefined tables (templates) and perform updates using a SmartClient task pane
  • Save time and eliminate errors by performing mass updates from within Excel.

Create reusable templates that maintain data integrity

  • Create reusable templates for managing metadata for objects and associated fields
  • Easily retrieve and modify saved templates
  • Isolate errors easily through color codes and resolve problem records quickly.

Be Productive

  • Save time by performing regular Salesforce tasks directly from Excel
  • Enhance Salesforce adoption within the organization
  • Connect to Production and Sandbox environments and Switch between environments with ease.


Personal Edition
Manage your Salesforce Data in Excel
billed annually
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Salesforce Records from Excel
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Support for Salesforce Reports import and Celigo Import Filter
  • Cloud storage for templates
  • Online and Community Support
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and higher

Learn more about SmartClient

See our video tutorials and learn how to make best of SmartClient

See our video tutorials and learn how to make best of SmartClient

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Interact with fellow community members, discuss and post your questions and ideas