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Celigo’s Bank Reconciliation Manager for SVB (formerly known as Silicon Valley Bank – NetSuite Connector) automates the tedious task of reconciling Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) statements in NetSuite. Automatically bring in Silicon Valley Bank transactions into NetSuite and reconcile them against NetSuite GL transactions based on configurable matching rules.

Automatic SVB Imports

Automatically import Silicon Valley Bank transactions from SVB OFX server into NetSuite

Matching Rules Engine

Use pre-configured or custom matching rules to automatically match SVB transactions with NetSuite GL transactions

Reconciling Transactions

Quickly view and mark transactions for reconciliation or exceptions handling using the SVB Reconciliation Manager dashboard

Advanced Capabilities

Supports multiple SVB accounts, batch transaction matching, and NetSuite Electronic Payments bundle


Easily monitor integration flows between SVB and NetSuite using an intuitive dashboard to view statuses and resolve errors


Install, configure, and get started with the pre-built integration application without IT resources

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