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The Silicon Valley Bank – NetSuite Connector enables NetSuite customers to automatically import Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) transactions into NetSuite and reconcile efficiently using a wizard-driven process. Auto-matching options enable you to clear bulk records with a single click and for unmatched records, you can create NetSuite transactions on the fly. Automate your bank reconciliation in NetSuite using our Connector and transform a mundane and repetitive task into a quick and painless experience.

State of the art wizard

Automatically categorize transactions through a guided reconciliation process

Tailored to your business

Easily apply your business rules and the Connector does the rest

Automatic import

Never manually download and upload a file again — the Connector automatically imports OFX transactions from SVB into NetSuite

Auto-matching options

Sort matched records using a point and click interface; for unmatched records, create NetSuite transactions on the fly

One – to – Many

Manually match one bank transaction with multiple NetSuite transactions to reconcile batch transactions

Automatic export

Export cleared transactions from SVB dashboard automatically and reconcile all records in NetSuite with a single click

Value for time and money

Reconciling records one-by-one is inherently error prone; Our automated process ensures that you won’t miss a record again

Integration dashboard

Monitor data flows, identify job statuses, and resolve errors in real time.


Prebuilt integrations that just work

In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a
best-of-breed app strategy.We call it the “100 Cloud-App Enterprise.” Some call it an integration nightmare.

Celigo SmartConnectors are prebuilt integrations between popular cloud-based apps that are both highly configurable and customizable.