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Hundreds of retail brands choose Celigo to optimize their e-commerce operations

Integrate your e-commerce site with your backend ERP systems for timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time statuses on orders, cancellations, and refunds. Celigo’s enables you to integrate order, product, and customer information between Salesforce Commerce Cloud, NetSuite, and other applications.

Order Management

View and manage store orders within NetSuite as soon as customers check out from a Salesforce Commerce Cloud store

Shipping & Fulfillment

Leverage advanced fulfillment logistics; pick/pack/ship and notify customers tracking numbers and shipping carriers in real time

Unified Inventory Levels

Minimize under/overselling products with real-time synchronization of inventory levels between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and NetSuite

Automatic Pricing Updates

Make sure shoppers see the most up-to-date prices in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores

Cancellations & refunds

Manage cancellations and refunds directly in NetSuite and provide best-in-class customer service

Integration Management

Use intuitive dashboard and real-time alerts to quickly monitor, manage, and update your integration


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