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Maximize your sales on Jet through automated Jet – NetSuite integration

Celigo’s Integration App automates all of the integration touchpoints between and NetSuite allowing you to concentrate on scaling your sales while saving time and cost.

Order Management

Import your Jet orders and manage them within NetSuite using our near real time order sync

Shipping & Fulfillment

Keep your customers updated in real time with shipment tracking details as soon as orders are fulfilled in NetSuite

Unified Inventory Levels

Keep your NetSuite item inventory levels constantly in sync with Jet Minimize undersell or oversell

Automatic Pricing Updates

Make sure that your Jet customers see the most up-to-date prices with our near real time pricing export

Order Cancellations

Notify your customers as soon as you cancel an order through our automated cancellation export

Returns and Refunds

Process Jet customer returns inside NetSuite and notify your customers about the refund status as soon you create a credit memo in NetSuite

Advanced Capabilities

Leverage advanced capabilities such as Order & Customer deduplication, order variance reporting, order auto-acknowledgement, Jet fulfillment node support and full inventory sync

Ease of Use & Deployment

Instantly setup and deploy your integration effortlessly in less than a day

Integration Apps

Pre-built integrations that just work

In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a
best-of-breed app strategy.We call it the “100 Cloud-App Enterprise.” Some call it an integration nightmare.

Celigo Integration Apps are prebuilt integrations between popular cloud-based apps that can be installed from the marketplace and are both highly configurable and customizable.

Integration Apps


(billed annually)
Import Customers from Jet to NetSuite yes
Import Sales Orders from Jet to NetSuite yes
Auto-Acknowledge Orders imported from Jet yes
Export Fulfillments from NetSuite to Jet yes
Export Inventory from NetSuite to Jet yes
Export Pricing from NetSuite to Jet yes
Export Order Cancellations from NetSuite to Jet yes
Import Customer Returns from Jet to NetSuite yes
Export Order Refunds from NetSuite to Jet yes
Customize integration flows for your specific use-cases

Extensive customizations on both apps? Not a problem.

If you need to go beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of the Integration App, use our platform — the modern iPaaS for integrating cloud-based apps — to build your own custom integration flows. Integration Apps are built on and work side-by-side with all of your other integrations.

integrator.ioA Powerful Platform for Integrating Anything with Anything

With Celigo, you get the best of both worlds!

Works out of the box

Quickly install and deploy our Integration App to get your synched data flows running right away

Robust customization

Customize your flows with our iPaaS platform to augment the functionality of Integration Apps and fit your unique needs


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