Celigo develops Magento Connector for NetSuite with real-time data flows and scheduled options

Celigo is emerging as the de facto standard for etail(ecommerce + retail) connectors to NetSuite.  We already have arguably the best Magento, Amazon and ChannelAdvisor connectors with NetSuite and are coming up with an ebay Connector very soon.

Taking this legacy further, we would like to announce that we are proud to be a partner of Magento and are committed to the Magento platform.  We are tirelessly working on making the best Magento Connector for NetSuite even better!

Celigo is also proud to announce the release of new Magento Connector 3.0.  Magneto Connector comes in two variants – Magento Standard Connector and Magento Connector PLUS.

The new Magento Connector has been designed from the ground up and leverages latest technology available to offer the best experience possible.

Magento Connector is built on NetSuite and leverages SuiteScript for direct cloud-to-cloud connectivity for most of the flows. This allows us to have all the important flows perform real-time. These include:

  • Real-time Order Import from Magento to NetSuite
  • Real-time Customer Import from Magento to NetSuite
  • Real-time Fulfillment Export from NetSuite to Magento
  • Real-time Billing Export from NetSuite to Magento
  • Real-time Item Export from NetSuite to Magento (previously real-time)
  • Real-time Customer Export from NetSuite to Magento (previously real-time)
  • Real-time Order Export from NetSuite to Magento (previously real-time)
  • Real-time Credit Memo Export from NetSuite to Magento (previously real-time)
  • Real-time Cancellation Import from Magento to NetSuite (new flow)

Direct cloud-to-cloud connection for the flows ensures speed and efficiency.  The Celigo Magento Connector can now process a higher through-put of your business-critical orders.  Also, the Inventory Export flow is no longer chained with Customer Import and Order Import flows and runs near real-time with default frequency set to every 15 minutes.

In addition to these real-time and speed improvements, we have also worked hard to improve these aspects of the Celigo Magento Connector — which we will go into detail about below:

  • Credit Card Information Improvements
  • Partial Billing Support
  • Intuitive Integration Monitoring Dashboard
  • Cancellation Support


Credit Card Information Improvements

Real-time Order Import flow securely transfers the Credit Card details of customers to the NetSuite Sales Orders. This enables for easier identification, re-authorization and also helps in online refunds to the customers.


Partial Billing Support

Magento Connector now supports Partial Billing along with the existing support for Partial Fulfillment.

Also, the support for Bulk fulfillment and Bulk Billing allows you to get the work done in one go from NetSuite.


Intuitive Integration Monitoring Dashboard

This super-easy to use dashboard will help quickly see the status of the sync between Magento and NetSuite, and it also allows you to configure the Flow Settings and Flow Mappings right from the Integration Dashboard UI:

The Integration Dashboard can be launched within NetSuite from Setup > Integrations > Celigo Integrator.

With the activity stream interface it is easy to monitor progress of specific workflows and their success.  The stream can be filtered either by workflows — by clicking on the specific flow on the left side, or by the duration by selecting the duration in the “Since” field. Most of the flows in Magento Connector are real-time and for the scheduled ones like Inventory Export, even though auto-scheduled to run every 15 minutes, can be run  immediately by right-clicking on it.

The Action log shows all the errors and the “Needs Attention” option allows seeing all the workflows that did not complete. The pie chart and the bar-charts on the right give a quick view into the sync status.


Intuitive Field Mapping

Magento Connector allows you to map the fields for various flows yourselves, as only you know your business needs the best.  This feature is also available through the Integration Dashboard. Navigate to the Settings (gears icon) and select the particular flow.

On the left section you can specify the field mappings between External Fields to NetSuite fields. On the right, the you can see the record with the fields as they would be seen:


You can now also configure the Inventory Export Criteria, Customer/Guest Import Criteria right through NetSuite Saved Searches.  However, as always Celigo Professional Services team would be there to guide if there is any need.


Cancellation Support

As much as you would like customers to not cancel orders, this will happen from time to time — especially on easy-to-use e-commerce sites.  Failure to account for and act on such cancellations in time results in inventory mismanagement, shipping costs and worst of all customer dissatisfaction.

Now, with this feature as part of Magento Connector PLUS offering, when an Order is cancelled in Magento which has not been billed, it is cancelled in NetSuite by this flow in real-time.  The flow also supports partial cancellation where even if the part of the order has been billed and rest is cancelled in NetSuite, the remaining items in NetSuite are closed in NetSuite.


The release notes for Magento Connector 3.0 can be found here.

We are very excited about this new Celigo Magento Connector 3.0 release — especially our addition of more real-time flows, connector processing speed improvements, new billing enhancements, and introduction of the Celigo next-generation integration dashboard in this connector — all to help you maximize your commerce revenue with Magento & NetSuite.

The Celigo Magento Connector 3.0 is now Generally Available (GA) for all new customers, so Contact Celigo Sales to purchase today. For existing Magento Connector users, Celigo Account Managers will reach out directly with the option to upgrade shortly.


 Posted by Santosh Shukla, Product Management Team

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  1. Harry March 23, 2014 at 9:16 pm - Reply

    Hi JP,

    Do you guys have a comparaison white sheet between NetSuite + Celigo connector for Magento and NetSuite + SuiteCommerce platform?

    We are about to choose our new ERP system, and the omnichannel integration is the most important element that we want to to consider. We’d like to evaluate both option: staying with Magento + Celigo, or moving the the full SuiteCommerce platofrm.


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