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Integration Solutions for Your SaaS Product

Celigo offers an Alliance Referral Program to companies who would like integration solutions for their SaaS product and prefer to outsource to a trusted partner. As a Celigo Partner, you’ll stay competitive with an integration solution that satisfies customer demand. And, you’ll stay focused on your products and other priorities knowing that Celigo is taking care of your customer integrations behind the scenes.

Program Benefits

Listing in Celigo Marketplace
Product integrity, leader in G2. Feel confident about referring clients to Celigo.
Lunch and Learns
API Connector in Celigo’s platform (based on tier level)
Partner Sales and Marketing enablement (based on tier level)

Platform Benefits

Expertise: Benefit from Celigo's experience with over 7,000 customer integrations.
Prebuilt API Connections: 130+ and many more to come.
Wizard Driven: no coding required, saves on development costs.
Data Transformation: Converts source app data to the format required by the destination app.
Highly Configurable: Make changes on the fly to adapt to new business requirements.
Dashboard: Monitor health, receive auto alerts, and fix errors right from Celigo's platform.
Scalable: Handles hundreds of thousands of transactions without missing a beat.
Support: included in subscription.


Sign up now, or to learn more about the Celigo Alliance Referral Program, contact [email protected]