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Celigo TruLoveTM

The only iPaaS that automates business processes, connects applications, AND improves your love life in the age of Digital Transformation.


No more guessing or misunderstandings
between you and your soulmate

Everything is virtual these days. Celigo’s Universal TruLove Connectors seamlessly
automates how needs, intents, and desires are shared between partners.

Sync Hopes and Dreams
Customizable Desire Transfers
Cloud-Based Love Process Automation

Harper Westcott

IT Professiona

“I came to Celigo looking for a platform to automate processes across all of our company’s applications. Little did I know that Celigo would ensure that my significant other and I are always on the same wavelength.”

Amir Malik

Revenue Operations

“I used to think that men were from Mars and women were from Venus. But putting Celigo in the hands of my developer team changed everything — at work AND at home. My business runs smoothly, and my wife and I are finally living on the same planet. Thanks, Celigo!”

How it works

Complete Love Automation as a Service is just a click away

Celigo’s TruLove Connector is built directly in the Celigo Platform and can be managed by both technical and non-technical users alike. Simply establish a TruLove Connection, configure to your liking, and let Celigo handle the rest.

Choose from thousands of Prebuilt Relationships

Why reinvent the wheel? Browse thousands of Prebuilt Relationship Templates in our marketplace to get you started with blissful love.

Customize and transform to cater to your unique romantic needs

Not every romance is the same, and some just need that extra something. Celigo’s powerful developer tools allow you to customize to your relationship’s unique needs via interest mapping, thought filtering, personal transformations, and runtime JavaScript options. You can rest assured that every signal you convey is received as intended.

Error Handling in one easy-to-understand Love Dashboard

Nobody’s perfect. That’s why Celigo consolidates all your errors in a single Love Dashboard that clearly articulates everything you’ve done wrong – before your partner does. Clean up years of accumulated baggage with just a few clicks.

Spice things up with additional endpoints and complex orchestrations

We don’t judge, and Celigo is built for scale. You can easily invite more folks to the party if, you know, that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

Set your lovelife on Autopilot

Why spend hundreds of hours doing the hard work needed to make a human relationship when you can let our technology do all the hard work? Just set it and forget it! Hundreds of Love Processes can be automated including:

Take-Out-The-Trash Reminder
Preschool Procurement
Meet the In-Laws
Gift Return Management
Romance Fulfillment

Need someone to connect with? Celigo integrates thousands of dating apps.

But we’ve always been able to do that even before this.

A message from our CEO

People know Celigo as a global company building a world-class integration platform that enables thousands of companies to thrive through automation. With the launch of Celigo TruLove they’ll see us bring that passion for automation where it matters most: in affairs of the heart.

I couldn’t be more excited to infuse years of romantic expertise into our platform, especially when so much of our lives has gone virtual. I promise that you, your significant other(s), and your IT team will fall in love with Celigo, albeit each for vastly different reasons.

Jan Arendtsz
Founder & CEO of Celigo
and Celebrity Matchmaker

Lucy Zhao
Operations Manager

“I didn’t think it was possible that a single product could save me thousands of hours at work AND bring me a deep, meaningful love life until Celigo came along.”

Fernando Avilla
Logistics Professional

“I have no problems outsourcing my love life to a company that can clearly do a better job with it than I ever could.”

Simone Lowelle
Corporate Executive

“I have to say, just switching to Celigo from a competitor iPaaS improved my relationship – even without the new TruLove Connectors.”

Mattias Kopel
Head of Business Systems

“At first I was skeptical, but after exploring the features further, I couldn’t imagine dating without it. The On Prem Agent was really helpful in making sure I knew what I was doing.“

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