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BigCommerce - NetSuite

Integration Template



Purpose of this Template

Streamline your business operations by integrating BigCommerce with NetSuite and other business applications. Automate workflows by using an integration template that provides prebuilt integration flows for synchronizing orders and transactions between BigCommerce and NetSuite. Jump start your integrations with templates. makes cloud integrations accessible to anyone – whether you are an application admin, business analyst, advanced end user, or IT developer. offers a guided approach to application integration by offering an intuitive step-by-step wizard and integration assistants and templates for over 90 applications.

Integration templates require a valid Celigo account. Get started with for free today!


  • Add BigCommerce Billing to NetSuite Sales Invoice
  • Add NetSuite Sales Order to BigCommerce Order
  • Delete NetSuite Item from BigCommerce Product SKU
  • Add NetSuite Shipment to BigCommerce Shipment
  • Add NetSuite Sales Order Cancellation to BigCommerce Order Cancellation
  • Add BigCommerce Cancellation to NetSuite Cancellation
  • Add NetSuite Customer Refund to BigCommerce Refund
  • Add NetSuite Sales Invoice to BigCommerce Billing
  • Add/Update NetSuite Item to BigCommerce Product
  • Add/Update BigCommerce Customer to NetSuite Customer
  • Add BigCommerce Refund to NetSuite Customer Refund
  • Add NetSuite Customer to BigCommerce Customer
  • Add NS Price Level to BigCommerce customer group

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