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Advisory Implementations

Let the experts kick-start your implementation, then do the rest on your own.

Get the best of both worlds. We will work together to implement and validate an integration flow, teach you how to do it as we go, and set you up to complete the remainder of the implementation on your own.

Advisory for SmartConnectors

The Advisory offering is available for most of our SmartConnectors.

Advisory for

The Advisory offering is available for a subset of applications and connection types using

Celigo will lead an initial project stage in which we provide guidance on the overall project approach and jointly implement one integration flow from start to finish with you. Together, we will configure and validate the integration flow and identify and address errors.

Once this is complete, we will ensure you are equipped to implement the remaining flows on your own. During your self-lead implementation of the remaining flows, Celigo will provide quality checks once you have configured each flow. During a quality check, we will review your configuration and suggest improvements.

If you’d like different implementation services than the Advisory offering provides, check out our Enabled and Managed offerings