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Business Process Automations with embedded business logic.

Automate business processes that span across 
multiple applications using a single product.

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Celigo is the only iPaaS to automate business processes
across multiple cloud applications using a single prebuilt integration.

Celigo’s new Business Process Automations apply unique embedded business logic to automate and 

optimize processes based on industry best practices — without the need for scarce technical resources.

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Automate business processes using

embedded business logic.

Enable business teams with self-service while ensuring best practices and compliance
Built-in industry best practices

Benefit from learnings from thousands of customer implementations and domain expertise from Celigo and our partners by using prebuilt flows, settings, and configurations to automate virtually every common use case.

No-code customizations

Modify business logic through configuration settings instead of writing or editing code.

No technical skills, no problem

Designed for line-of-business users to implement and manage without relying on technical resources.

Fastest time to business value.

More than just a starting point