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The Market Has Drastically Changed

Learn how to adapt your iPaaS to accelerate digital business maturity

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Simplify SaaS with iPaaS

Gain valuable analysts insights for your 2022 planning

Leading global market research firm Forrester Consulting recently evaluated the impact of iPaaS on organizations in a study commissioned by Celigo. The study, Simplify SaaS with iPaaS: How An Advanced iPaaS Accelerates Digital Business Maturity, uncovered some remarkable findings:

  • How the pandemic has changed the way mid-market companies are investing in their digital transformation initiatives
  • How advanced iPaaS solutions help companies win against potential more established, better-funded competitors

Find out more insights from analysts about iPaaS adoption, maturity, and benefits based on independent input from 413 global IT and finance professionals.

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Set yourself apart from the competition with an advanced iPaaS.

Are you already behind?

The COVID pandemic drove urgency for enterprises across all industries to accelerate or complete their digital transformations all at once.

Innovating companies pre-pandemic that responded with urgency continue to be innovators today. Companies that didn’t are now lagging behind their competitors.

67% increased their digital transformation investments due to the pandemic.
42% plan to automate large numbers of manual processes.
36% are transforming and reimagining digital business strategies.

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