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Celigo Integration Tour: Austin
Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 11:30-6:00 PM

The LINE Hotel Austin / Austin, TX 78701
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Join us for the inaugural Celigo Integration Tour – 2023. Each stop brings Celigo product experts, customers, and partners together in key regions across the U.S. The tour features half – day events that include a short general session and two or three educational tracks that cater to IT managers, Celigo users, and partners on a wide range of integration platform topics. You’ll have conversations about the tips and tricks, quick wins, and lessons learned from using Celigo, followed by a networking happy hour.

The tour is free and open to current and prospective Celigo users alike. Register to attend in the city nearest you, but hurry – seats are limited!

Irvine, CA – May 9, 2023 Registration closed
Austin, TX – June 21, 2023 Register Now


Attendees can choose one of three breakout tracks: Strategy, Technical, or Partner. Breakout sessions in the strategy track will provide attendees with actionable plans to drive digital transformation with Celigo. Technical breakouts will cover best practices when working in Integrator.IO, and Partner breakouts will cover topics to help partners best leverage Celigo’s iPaaS to build a successful consulting practice.

11:30a – 1p

Welcome lunch, networking

1 – 1:45p

Keynote: Navigating the Headwinds of 2023: Supercharging Your Integration Journey
Nick Piette / Director, Growth at Celigo

Amidst mounting pressure on IT leaders to steer their companies through an uncertain future, digital transformation continues to be a survival imperative. Yet, the majority of initiatives falter, overwhelmed by their rapid scale and the unprecedented challenges of 2023.

Join our keynote as we unravel the top concerns plaguing modern IT organizations, offering insightful solutions drawn from the success stories of Celigo customers. Explore how they have triumphed over the distinctive obstacles posed by this year. Stay ahead with the latest advancements in Celigo’s roadmap, designed to mitigate risks, enhance integration, and propel automation throughout your business.

2 – 2:45p

Strategy Track 1: Integration Strategies in a Shifting Economy: Thriving Amidst Uncertainty
Nick Piette / Director, Growth

The need for a well-crafted integration strategy has never been more paramount as organizations look to adjust new and existing I.T. spend. Join our speaking session as we delve into the secrets of driving integration amidst turbulent financial landscapes. Discover how to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during such times.

We will explore practical approaches informed from our market and customer research to help you develop a resilient integration strategy that adapts to changing economic conditions. Learn insights on optimizing resource allocation, prioritize initiatives and aligning KPIs

Technical Track: Integrator.IO Best Practices Part 1: Environments, Integrations, and Flow Design Best Practices

Gene Carbone / Integration Consultant, Professional Services

Tyler Ronan / Sr. Solution Consultant, Solution Consulting

This session is ideal for anyone looking to optimize their use of Celigo Integrator.IO, regardless of their level of experience. Learn how to maximize platform concepts and design integration flows for optimal performance and optimize an integration life cycle management process using IO’s error management capabilities. Attendees will learn to streamline their integration and automation workflows, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

Partner Track: Building a Million Dollar Book of Business with Celigo

Fred Stemmlin / VP, Business & Corporate Development

In today’s fast-paced business environment, integration plays a key role in driving business growth and success. As a partner, you are constantly looking for innovative solutions that can help your clients automate their business processes, improve operational efficiency, and drive revenue growth. In this session, you will learn how to leverage Celigo’s iPaaS to build a successful consulting practice that drives revenue and creates value for your customers.

3 – 3:45p

Strategy Track 2: Maximizing Returns: Proven Techniques for Managing and Leading Modern Integration Teams
 Nick Piette / Director, Growth

Maximizing return on investment with a diverse, dispersed & distracted team isn’t easy, but to succeed in today’s data-driven world, effective management of integration teams is crucial for organizations aiming to extract the full value of their data assets.
Discover key strategies and best practices for building and leading a high-performing integration team. Gain practical tips for aligning integration team objectives with business goals, driving efficiency, and maximizing ROI through data-driven decision-making.

Technical Track: Integrator.IO Best Practices Part 2: Handlebars, Scripting, and Runtime Optimization
Gene Carbone / Sr. Solution Consultant, Solution Consulting

Tyler Ronan / Integration Consultant, Professional Services

This session will focus on the best practices of flow design, covering complex JSON manipulation, how to effectively use Celigo’s handlebar templating language to manipulate data, and how to use JavaScript efficiently to perform complex data transformations. Learn best practices for optimizing flows for maximum runtime performance and how to use Celigo’s API. This session is ideal for developers and integration professionals looking to expand their knowledge of Celigo.

Partner Track: Celigo Soup to Nuts: Partnering with Celigo

Fred Stemmlin / VP, Business & Corporate Development
Joy Singleton / Channel Sales Manager
Kristina Schmoldt / Director, Partner Marketing

Join us for an engaging and informative session where you will learn about Celigo’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to our partners and customers, and how we can continue to work together to help them achieve their goals. This session will provide an overview of the latest developments and enhancements to Celigo’s product offerings, as well as an in-depth look at the resources available to partners.

4 – 6p

Networking Happy Hour

Seats are limited, register now!