Mio Global erzielte mit Celigos Shipwire Connector für NetSuite mit einem minimalen Budget weltweiten Erfolg

von Tim Brocato
Februar 12, 2015

Once we figured out that Shipwire had everything that we needed—the warehouse, locations, shipping times, turnaround costs, and the shipping times were phenomenal—we paid and contacted Celigo right away.


– Tim Frazer, Inventory and Forecast Analyst Manager at Mio Global

Mio Global, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, develops heart-rate monitoring technology products. They design and manufacture fitness tech products that provide continuous heart-rate monitoring without the use of a chest strap. Business has grown tremendously since 2011 with the addition of new products to their product line as well as a change in their business model.

In 2012, Mio ramped up its direct-to-consumer business. Around this time, they developed a new product: a  fitness-centric continuous heart-rate monitoring watch that did not use a chest strap via optical blood flow sensors. A user’s heart-rate data was broadcast via bluetooth low energy and was compatible with all smartphones, such as iPhone 4s and Galaxy S3. Outside funding was needed as Mio lacked sufficient funds to develop the product. The company started a Kickstarter campaign, which was a success. The aftermath, on the other hand, was “a complete nightmare” when the time came to fulfill and ship orders to their customers, with costs that went “through the roof” according to Inventory and Forecast Analyst Manager Tim Frazer.

Mio was already using NetSuite and Celigo’s SmartClient, and when they learned that Shipwire had a connector for NetSuite that was provided by Celigo, the decision to move ahead with the two companies was a no-brainer. “We were more than happy to team up with Celigo to get that done,” Tim said. They liked the ability to go directly to someone every time their needs shifted or requirements changed.

With the Shipwire Connector for NetSuite, Mio proved that it is possible to grow on a shoestring budget. When orders come through, the company can simply complete the fulfillment process in NetSuite, and—almost like magic—a Shipwire warehouse worker picks, packs and ships products to customers. Despite the many obstacles surrounding their growth, Mio Global leveraged NetSuite and Celigo to their advantage and pushed ahead to grow into a multi-million dollar technology company while still keeping costs, time, and effort low.

For the full case study, download the PDF.

Über Celigo

Bei Celigo leisten wir Pionierarbeit für die Zukunft der Anwendungsintegration mit neuartigen Strategien, Spitzentechnologien und einem engagierten Team, das alles daran setzt, Ihre kompliziertesten Integrationen nahtlos zum Laufen zu bringen. Unsere Kernaufgabe bei Celigo ist einfach: Es zu ermöglichen, dass unabhängige Anwendungen als eine Einheit zusammenarbeiten.

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