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Discount Ramps Scales Ecommerce Operations As Business Grows 100%

“Overall, the best way to look at what Celigo has done for Discount Ramps is that Celigo helped us speed our growth efficiently and properly,”

Jeremy Vandenberg
IT Analyst
Discount Ramps


Discount Ramps




Germantown, WI

Products Used


Discount Ramps is one of the largest online retailers of loading, hauling, and transportation products. The company’s website,, offers products that range from ATV ramps, motorcycle dollies, bike racks, pet carriers, wheelchairs, forklift attachments, and more. They serve the recreational, commercial, industrial, military, and disability markets.


Starting out as an eBay seller, Discount Ramps has experienced significant growth and sells on multiple marketplaces. Its web property has become one of the largest online store for loading, hauling, and transportation products.

Like many fast-growing firms, Discount Ramps uses multiple applications to run its eCommerce business, including:

  • KalioCommerce to run its main eCommerce property,
  • ChannelAdvisor to manage online marketplaces
  • Listrak to manage customer communications, including order statuses
  • NetSuite to manage pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory levels

The Challenge

Similar to other companies with best-of-breed environments, data integration was a major challenge for Discount Ramps. Product, order, inventory, and pricing information had to be manually uploaded from one system to another. Hours were spent on low-value work, including time spent on correcting errors due to manual processes.

With double-digit growth, it became clear that manual activities were not sustainable and were hindering growth and profitability. Valuable IT staff time was diverted away from strategic initiatives in order to manage data across different systems. As the number of orders and SKUs grew, it became increasingly difficult to synchronize data between NetSuite and all the sales channels using manual processes.

“Celigo helps us focus on more strategic view of things as opposed to trying to keep our neck above water wrangling data.”
Jeremy Vandenberg

IT Analyst, Discount Ramps

The Solution

Sikich and BrandMuscle selected Celigo as the iPaaS it needed to holistically connect and automate the custom processes across the company’s operations.

“Now we are able to create our media requests inside of NetSuite, automatically push them over to BrandBuilder, then push the opportunity back over to NetSuite. The opportunity is worked as a sales order and generates the invoice to push back over for payment in BrandBuilder. The payment itself is then pushed into NetSuite,” explained Kuntz. “There’s a lot of back and forth using API, JSON, FTP, a little combination of everything. The whole middleware is Celigo so it works very well.”

While the Sikich team focused on the NetSuite implementation, Kuntz took on the first integration component of the project himself. “Celigo was pretty intuitive and within 30 or so days, I felt very comfortable using the tool,” he said. ”Any business analyst could very easily use it. I can also send this to a developer to do some more advanced work.”

Along with the five order-to-cash integrations, BrandMuscle is also using Celigo to populate their data mart for their clients to be able to do analytics. “We have saved searches that automatically populate the data mart,” said Kuntz. Additionally, there are a number of integrations with Snowflake, Azure, SQL and FTP with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to display information for their customers.


With its new cloud applications and business processes connected and automated with Celigo, BrandMuscle saw immediate results, with tens of millions worth of transactions flowing through the system. Within a month of implementation, the company had seen the costly 50 entry-related errors a month drop to a single error. “That was an amazing stat,” said Kuntz. “Just something like that pays tremendous dividends.”

By eliminating manual processes, and by having a solution that is simple to maintain, BrandMuscle was able to redirect resources towards making the product better. “We basically cut down everybody’s workload in half. Our resources are now focused on advancing the product that we offer rather than fixing it,” said Kuntz. “It’s a nice reprieve for our developers to work on the product rather than building scripts to integrate two pieces of software. Everyone’s happy with it.”

The team is currently working on integrations with JIRA, Stripe, Chargebee, as well as vendor APIs to be able to send POs and receive invoices. “We do a lot with Celigo, and we have a lot of things that we still want to do with this product,” said Kuntz. “We’ll soon end up with 50 integrations.”

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