The Celigo Power Hour – Real-life use cases of the Celigo Platform2022-05-16T19:30:04+00:00

The Celigo Power Hour

An interactive forum for Celigo practitioners to share their solutions to actual business challenges using Celigo with the Celigo community.

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Achieve Faster and Better Insights from Automated Data Analytics

Is your business growing and the volume of data becoming increasingly challenging to manage and access? Looking for an easy way to pull together data from various applications and enable your business teams to gain and share insights to drive your business forward?

Join Celigo’s Power Hour as we showcase the power of using Celigo to jump-start your analytics journey.

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Power Hour

Enhancing Payout Reconciliation

How do you accurately reconcile payments, refunds, and fees across your payment gateways? Looking to minimize the hours you spend on manually matching transactions from your eCommerce storefronts to the payouts and deposits received from payment gateways like Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Braintree.

Join Celigo’s Power Hour where we will be showcasing how to use Celigo to streamline your payment reconciliation process.

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Automations to Simplify Expense Management

Expense Management is one of the most common integration use cases with Celigo, yet many companies can still find better ways to simplify the process to minimize administrative costs and accidental errors.

We discussed how customers typically automate and integrate their processes around expense management.

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How to Streamline Your Fulfillment Process

How do you accurately synchronize orders and items across your fulfillment solutions? Do you understand all the various formats and mapping requirements between your 3PL or in-house shipping applications?

The Power Cloud Consulting  and Celigo teams showcased how to quickly automate and unlock all the benefits of your fulfillment solutions.

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