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Shopify-NetSuite Integration App custom flow between Returnly and NetSuite

All of the solution providers we spoke with mentioned Celigo as the de facto standard for e-commerce integrations with NetSuite. And they were right. We’re very happy we decided to go with Celigo.
Emilio Primucci
Emilio Primucci


PSSR owns three companies, including Chief Supply, a supplier of uniforms and equipment for EMS, police, military, and fire professionals and Lydia’s Uniforms, a supplier of medical scrubs and accessories for healthcare professions. For these companies, most sales are made from their respective websites.


When Emilio Primucci, Chief Technical Officer at PSSR first started, the company was planning a complete revamp and modernization of the technology stack with the goal of having technology in place that could support their expected future growth. One of the key objectives of the modernization was selecting an e-commerce tech stack that could be leveraged across multiple web properties.

During the discovery phase of finding a new e-commerce platform, all of the companies Primucci spoke with mentioned Celigo as the de facto standard for connecting e-commerce platforms to NetSuite. In the end, the company adopted Shopify Plus as their e-commerce platform, NetSuite as their ERP, and Celigo as the solution that would integrate them all.

The Challenge

Primucci had several challenges to overcome during the implementation of the applications and the integrations.

The first challenge is that PSSR has two separate uniform supply businesses: Chief Supply and Lydia’s Uniforms. Since these two brands are sold on separate websites, PSSR needed an integration solution that would allow multiple connections to be built between the two systems without requiring his 5-person IT team to build them from scratch.

In the past, PSSR had been using custom code to connect the systems, and his team spent a significant amount of their time patching or gluing the integrations together with code. Primucci knew he did not want to do this with the new system. He wanted something more robust, and he wanted a solution that could grow with the company as well as offer expert and accessible technical support should he need it. He wanted to find a vendor who not only understood the issues he was facing, but that also had an active user community where he could find answers to his questions without having to call a technical support line.

The second challenge was the number of variations in the products PSSR sells. For the medical scrub business alone, they offer over 600 variations of the same product. Many e-commerce cloud platforms are not able to support that many different options. He needed to work with a partner who could find a way to help him overcome this limitation.

His third challenge was returns. They had decided to use Returnly as the return’s solution, but that also meant they had to find an integration solution capable of quickly and easily connecting Returnly to NetSuite, without having to take his team’s valuable time to build the connection from scratch.

Emilio Primucci
The integration of the systems was quick and worked perfectly. We just cloned the first integration and made some modifications so that it fit the new site. It worked great and didn’t take us long at all.
Emilio Primucci

The Solution

“All of the solution providers we spoke with mentioned Celigo as the de facto standard for e-commerce integrations with NetSuite. And, they were right,” said Primucci. “We’re very happy we decided to go with Celigo.”

Celigo helped Primucci overcome the main pain points he was experiencing with the original home-grown integrations:

  1. He no longer wanted to rely on in-house developers to build custom code from scratch
  2. He needed a way to easily, and quickly, integrate new applications as needed
  3. He wanted an integration solution that could be replicated across multiple webstores
  4. He wanted to be able to implement some of the integrations himself
  5. He wanted a support base that understands his challenges and has the knowledge necessary to help fix them The Celigo Shopify to NetSuite Integration App provided Primucci with the solution he was looking for.

“The integration of the systems was quick and worked perfectly,” said Primucci. “And, the Celigo implementation team even helped us overcome some of the limitations of the applications we adopted.”

One of the limitations confounding Primucci was that the Shopify platform could only support 100 out of the 600 scrub variations that the medical uniform company sells. But, by working with Primucci and understanding his needs, the Celigo implementation team was able to write code that allows support for all 600 product variations.

“The Celigo implementation team knows NetSuite, and they know e-commerce. They also took the time to understand my needs fully,” said Primucci. “Once I met them, I knew we were in very good hands.”

Celigo Integration Apps are built on the industry-leading iPaaS platform,, which means Primucci is also able to create custom integrations to connect Returnly and NetSuite. He’s currently in the middle of this integration and is happy with the support he’s getting from the Celigo teams.

Another benefit Primucci discovered about using is access to the free Data Loader tool. Data Loader helped quickly import his legacy data, via CSV files, into NetSuite.

“Data Loader’s step-by-step wizard helped us quickly set up and monitor the legacy data import into NetSuite,” said Primucci. “Without Data Loader, we would have had to spend a lot more time manipulating the source files and formatting data. But, Data Loader did it all for us. It was great to have.”

Primucci, who is very technically savvy and has direct developer experience, also liked that Celigo offers many different levels of support. He is a hands-on CTO and wanted to be able to do at least some of the integrations himself. So, he had Celigo do the first integration, while he and his team watched and learned, then they took on the second integration themselves.

“We used the Advisory Support Plan, where Celigo did the first integration while we watched, and then we were able to do the second integration ourselves,” said Primucci. “We just cloned the first integration and made some modifications so that it fit the new site. It worked great and didn’t take us long at all.”


The Celigo Shopify to NetSuite Integration App allowed Premucci and team to achieve their goals of modernizing their applications while not having to patch together integrations from scratch or taking up weeks or months of his team’s time building them. Because Celigo Integration Apps are built on the industry-leading iPaaS platform, he also found that he could easily create custom integrations between NetSuite and other applications such as Returnly.

Primucci is very happy with his Celigo integrations and the support he has received. Other projects he sees on the horizon are a re-launch of their Amazon channel and connecting his printed catalog companies, which require data to be sent via FTP, to NetSuite. Thanks to Celigo and, he’ll be able to easily upload order data from the catalog companies directly to NetSuite’s FTP servers, without having to use email.

“Celigo is up to any challenge I throw at them,” said Primucci. “The Celigo technical staff are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that the integrations work the way we want them to. They were even able to change some of the Celigo code to overcome limitations of the other applications.”

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